What are the advantages of Imam Hussein Media Group?

Wide coverage and easy access for all


– Programs in four languages: Persian, Arabic, English and Turkish


– Constant contact with the audience worldwide via 12 different  physical/virtual communication tools


– Provision and mail delivery of all programs aired on the channels, along with a range of other cultural products, to viewers across the globe


– Seminary courses broadcast on satellite television, offered in collaboration   with Imam Sādiq TV


– A wide diversity of engaging programs for various age groups and for families


– Dissemination of the latest news concerning Shias from around the world on six satellite/cable channels, presented in a variety of languages


– Instructions, support, and consultation services available for free, to be accessed in the most convenient and quickest ways, for individuals with an intent to establish and launch satellite TV channels


– Free-of-charge advertising for charity/ cultural projects run by Shias


– Media coverage and free-ofcharge broadcast of mourning/celebrating events organized by Shias from around the world


– Live broadcast of events held in Shia mosques and Husseiniyas across the globe, particularly from North America, Europe and Australia


– Provision of the Media Group’s products at international exhibition booths


– Live media coverage of the largest human congregation on the planet during the Husseiny Arba’een and freeof- charge sharing of the event’s pictures and videos with all channels, especially with news agency from around the world


– Monthly raffles to draw a selection of the viewers of Imam Hussein TV channels, with prizes including coverage of travel expenses to the holy cities of Karbalā or Mashhad


– Live broadcast of the spiritual atmosphere of the holy Shrines at Karbalā, Najaf, Kādhimayn and Sāmarrā on a daily basis


– Cooperation and exchange of programs with independent Shia TV channels


– Free-of-charge sharing of TV programs for a period of one year, offered to newlyfounded

independent satellite channels


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