SRW publishes its monthly report

SRW publishes its monthly report

Shia Rights Watch International Organization published its latest monthly report of the anti-Shia movements in February 2017.

Saturday, 03 March 2018 14:34

The report includes terror attacks and suppressive measures by tyrants and oppressive regimes against civilians.

The report is compiled by civil rights activists, as it is available to civil rights foundations, the media, and public opinion.

Shia Rights watch continues its research and advocacy for the 7th consecutive year. The year 2018 began with the release of the SRW Annual Report, highlighting minority rights violations and the persecution of Shia Muslims.

The 18-page report analyzed the state of the Shia Minority in relation to international events and presented a set of recommendations to reduce human rights violations as well as increase dialogue among conflicting parties.

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