SRW: At a time when homosexuality laws are in force, Shias are persecuted

SRW: At a time when homosexuality laws are in force, Shias are persecuted

Shia Rights Watch has expressed strong dissatisfaction with the intellectual and political regression practiced by some political systems in the Middle East countries against Shia Muslims, especially in terms of…

 harassment, confiscation of ideological and human freedoms.

The organization said in a statement, obtained by Shiawaves “Some regimes have embarked a systematic policy aimed at confiscating the rights of Shia citizens, despite the fact that they provide many intellectual and social freedoms that are alien to Muslim societies, such as the establishment of secular parties and allowing the spread of alien phenomena such as homosexuality without prejudice to their followers.”

The Statement added that “the past days have witnessed an escalation by some governments, merely, the confiscation and prohibition of the circulation of Shia books, as well as the closure of the Shia civil institutions that deal with religious and cultural affairs without any regard for the citizens’ feelings and their violation of the rights of citizenship and public and private freedoms.”

The organization called on all governments and political regimes in the Middle East, especially the countries of the Arab world, to limit policies that confiscate the rights of Shiite communities and to work to consolidate stability through openness and guaranteeing freedoms that have long been and remain a safety valve for countries.

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