Shia board chief slams AIMPLB, calls it a ‘terror group’ branch

Shia board chief slams AIMPLB, calls it a ‘terror group’ branch

Responding to the expulsion of Salman Nadwi from All India Personal Law Board, Wasim Rizvi, chairman of Uttar Pradesh Shia Central Waqf Board termed the AIMPLB “a branch of terrorist…

organisations” and said it was becoming a threat to the country because of its “hardliner attitude”.

Rizvi told The Indian Express that he would write to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, seeking a “ban” on AIMPLB.

“Those so-called Muslims, who have the mindset of hardliners, are a threat to this country. Significant decisions regarding Muslims in India are being taken by terrorist organizations in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Muslim Personal Law Board is a branch of such terrorist organizations, which promotes the ideology of these organisations and disturbs the environment in the country,” Rizvi said in a statement.

Rizvi said that Nadwi was supportive of the Shia Waqf Board suggestion that a mandir could be built at Ayodhya, while the Masjid can be built at some distance away.

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