Arab Teacher Union directors visit Imam Hussein Shrine

In a meeting gathered directors of Teacher Unions from different Arab countries and Iraqi directors of Teacher Unions, Imam Hussein Shrine shed light upon the importance of the teacher’s role…

in building generations and confronting the intellectual and cultural challenges, in addition to educating Arabs to face the extremists’ ideology of labeling others as infidels.

The director of the Teacher Union in the holy city of Kerbela Khalid Mur’ey al-Mesudi told the official website of Imam Hussein holy shrine, “This visit came after finishing the conference of the Teacher Unions of the Arab countries held in Baghdad for the first time.”

The delegation included directors of Teacher Unions from Egypt, Palestine, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen.

The delegation met up with the custodian of Imam Hussein Shrine sheikh Abdul-Mehdi al-Kerbela’ey who shed light upon the teacher’s role in building the countries and societies, and the role of the Shia Muslim Supreme Religious Authority in defending Iraq against ISIS.