ISWF condemns the American action and demands cancellation to embassy relocating decision

Imam Shirazi World Foundation (ISWF) expresses its deep indignation and condemnation of the recent US decision to transfer the US Embassy to Jerusalem, considering this action a clear violation of…

the feelings of all Muslims and a flagrant violation of all customs and laws.

the organization has issued a statement the says “ the American action is an unforgivable insult to Muslims in general, and a major sin committed by the American president, as well as a fueling of violence, a spate of war and an endeavor that will undoubtedly undermine the peace negotiations that all the countries of the international community seek to accomplish”.

The statement continued by saying that “Jerusalem was and remains an Islamic symbol that no one can infringe its sanctity without facing the reactions of the Muslim people”.

The organization urges the US administration to quickly reverse the decision, which reflects the absence of wisdom before its consequences result in catastrophic consequences that lead the region to undesirable consequences, preceded by an apology to all Muslims for the ill-treatment that hasnot excluded any of them.