Ayatollah Shirazi representative in Canada meets Iraqi and Egyptian ambassadors

The representative of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi, may Allah prolong his life, and the head Imam Shirazi World Foundation and the Iranian Islamic Center, Hujatol Islam Sheikh Saleh Sebaweih, has…

met the Iraqi and Egyptian ambassadors.

Sheikh Sebaweih has visited Dr. Abdul Kareem al-Ka’bi, the Iraqi Ambassador, where they discussed the legal and social problems of the Iraqi community and the work to solve them.

They also discussed the facilitation of the issuance of entry visas to Iraq to visit the holy shrines, especially to the pilgrimage of Arbaeen, of various communities living in Canada and to facilitate the control of document of the Iraqi community in Canadian government departments.

In turn, the Iraqi ambassador expressed his satisfaction with the meeting, stressing on cooperation in the issues mentioned, and work to resolve the problems of the Iraqi community through cooperation with Imam Shirazi World Foundation.

Sheikh Saleh Sibaweih also visited the Egyptian Ambassador in Ottawa, Dr. Moataz Mounir Zahran, and discussed with him several matters, the most important of which was the handing over Imam Al-Shirazi Center’s condolences to the Egyptian ambassador in Canada following the terrorist bombing that targeted one of the mosques in the Egyptian North Sinai, praying for the speedy recovery of the victims of terrorist attack.