Rights group calls for probe into UAE’s war crimes in Yemen

A lawsuit has been filed against the United Arab Emirates with the ICC over its collaboration with Saudi Arabia in its deadly war against Yemen.

The UK-based Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR) accused the UAE of “indiscriminate attacks against civilians” on Monday while presenting the case to the International Criminal Court.

The AOHR also claimed that the UAE has been using banned cluster bombs and hired mercenaries to execute and torture the Yemeni people.

“Our complaint targets acts perpetrated on Yemeni territory by the United Arab Emirates which does not recognize the ICC,” said one of the groups lawyers — Joseph Breham.

As Yemen and the UAE are not parties to the Rome Statute which underpins the ICC, it will only have jurisdiction if nationals from another country were involved.

It is now up to the court to decide whether or not to open an initial investigation.