Syrian forces fully recapture Daesh’s last stronghold on border with Iraq

Syrian army soldiers have fully liberated a strategic city in the country’s eastern province of Dayr al-Zawr and on the border with Iraq from the clutches of Daesh Takfiri terrorist…


Syria’s Joint Operations Command announced in a statement on Sunday that Syrian troops and their allies had fully retaken Bukamal, which lies on the Euphrates River, and were combing the area for improvised explosive devices and mines left by the terrorists, Lebanon-based Arabic-language al-Mayadeen news network reported.

The statement added that the self-proclaimed Daesh governor of Bukamal, known by the nom de guerre, Abu Hasan al-Iraqi, had fled from the city to the eastern bank of the Euphrates River.

There are also reports that two high-ranking Daesh military commanders, identified as Saddam al-Jamal and Abu Sumaiya al-Ansari have escaped from Bukamal.