More than five million pilgrims take part in Prophet’s martyrdom pilgrimage in Holy Najaf

The governor of Holy Najaf, Sayyid Luay al-Yasiri, has announced the success of the plan of the pilgrimage of Prophet’s martyrdom anniversary, with the participation of more than five million…

pilgrims from different Iraqi provinces, Arab and foreign countries.

The governor appreciated the efforts of the Middle Euphrates Operations Command, the Iraqi Air Force, the Iraqi Army, Popular Mobilization Units, and Najaf Police Department in securing the pilgrimage.

This came during a joint press conference between the governor and the commander of the Middle Euphrates Operations and the provincial police chief, which was held in the town hall of the province of Najaf, pointing out that the security plan included the participation of more than 23 thousand members of various types of armed forces and the Ministry of Interior and Popular mobilization Units, Referring to the influx of more than 500 thousand foreign visitors and more than 1700 flights through Najaf airport.

The Governor also thanked the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali, peace be upon him, the Secretariat of the holy Mosque of Kufa, the Provincial Council, Najaf tribes and their families and the youth voluntary campaigns that supported the province’s departments for their great role and contribution to the success of the pilgrimage.