Imam Hussein Shrine opens contemporary theater in Karbala

The Cultural House in the holy city of Karbala has witnessed a play titled “Sejeem” in the remembrance of the Iraq’s martyrs.

The play was attended by a great number of academics, artists, directors, and educationists.

Alaa El-Bashiq, director of Contemporary Theater Division of Imam Hussein Shrine, said, “We are celebrating the Contemporary Theater Division has been established, which is meant to enrich the theater movement with young creative people.”

He said further that the division was named “The Contemporary Theater” was because it keeps pace with the world and deals with what is going on according to the Islamic fundamentals and the revolution of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him.

He added, “The division prepared plans to hold workshops specialized in production, composing, acting, scenography, voice, and performance. And with this step, we seek to take the initiative to better the Iraqi theater heritage.”

He also mentioned that people have recently refrained from attending the Iraqi theater due to the works that are contrary to the Iraqi traditions and customs.

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