French Shia convert: Imam Reza pilgrimage, experience of all good feelings of world

French Shia convert: Imam Reza pilgrimage, experience of all good feelings of world

 A new Muslim convert from France said, “All good feelings of the world was experienced by me when attending Imam Ridha Holy Shrine and having a pilgrimage there”.

Sunday, 25 February 2018 17:10

Referring to his success for visiting Imam Ridha Holy Shrine and enjoying services and guidance Loeik stated, “This holy organization has provided lots of valuable services for the non-Iranian pilgrims one of which is to allocate a particular portico for these pilgrims”.

Regarding his first sense of presence in Imam Ridha  Holy Shrine, he stated, “When I entered the shrine, the first thing I met was love. The grandeur of Imamate occupied whole my body and kind of respect, intimacy, safety, and calmness toward the Imam, peace be upon him, entered into my soul”.

Loeik added, “To get more familiar with the realities of Islam, I searched and studied a lot. After a while, I found out that Christianity cannot answer my questions. Therefore, I tried to comprehend the reality. The more research I did, the more interest I got in Islam. I made my final decision last year and converted to Islam”.

The French new Muslim convert reminded, “I receive my family’s disagreement when I read Qura’n. However, I try to recite Qur’an with best kind of voice and I enjoy it”.

Saying that I have visited some cities such as Qom, he said, “In addition to be here, I visited Qom too. I went on Lady Masumeh, peace be upon her, shrine there.

This French pilgrim stated, “I am so happy that God has given me this blessing success so that I can comprehend the greatness and spiritual reward of the pilgrimage of Imam Ridha, peace be upon him, in my youth”.

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