How can one contribute towards the expansion of this Media Group’s activities?

You can choose one of the following ways to assist Imam Hussein Media Group, ensuring its sustainable operation and expansion of activities on a global scale:

A: Local & Representatives

B: Foreign exchange dealers

C: Texting an SMS

D: PayPal



Imam Hussein Media Group has ambassadors & representatives in various cities within Iraq, Denmark,

Norway, Germany, the US, Canada, Sweden, England and Australia. Our esteemed viewers and patrons can contact these individuals to see how they can best assist this Media Group in delivering better services.








You can transfer your cash donations through foreign exchange dealers & money transfer companies to Karbala under the name: “Imam Hussein Satellite Channel”. To inform us about the transaction, we appreciate if you kindly contact the Public Relations of the Media Group at: +964-771-961-1199


You can make your payment through the global PayPal system by going to any of the Channels’ websites or using the Mobile Application of Imam Hussein Media Group. To inform us about your charitable payment,   we appreciate if you kindly send the transaction serial number to the Public Relations of the Media Group. PayPal link:

You can text a short message containing: “Labbaik Ya Hussein” via WhatsApp or SMS

to the following number:From around the world: +964-771-961-1199

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